Human Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for you – Rider Assessment


Posture dysfunction, muscle imbalance, asymmetry and inflexible joints can adversely affect your riding performance and alter your horse’s form and function.

A rider may benefit from a physiotherapy assessment if they have any of the following complaints:

  • Unlevel shoulders
  • Difficulty achieving contact evenly through the seat or legs
  • Fixing through one side (one arm may fatigue more quickly)
  • Tipping forward or to one side when riding
  • Difficulties with transitions
  • Joint or muscle soreness, pain or stiffness during or after riding
  • Any pre-existing musculoskeletal condition or injury

To gain optimal performance from your horse, the rider must be in ultimate harmony.

With over 20 years experience of diagnosing and treating sports and musculoskeletal injuries, Hazel is also able to offer tailored assessments and treatments for those involved in other sports such as rugby, football, hockey and running.


Rider assessment can be arranged in your own home or at your yard.

Combined horse and rider assessment sessions are also available and take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours. Please contact directly for further details*.

*Travel charges may apply